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Opening a UniFi Cloud Key Gen2 plus

AT YOUR OWN RISK, PLEASE. Li-ion battery inside.


My 2.5 year-old UniFi Cloud Key Gen2 plus was found dead in the server rack.

No power at all from the PoE.

At a glance, the power seemed okay from the USB-C jack. But, the box was showing "BAD USB-C POWER". (Please also read the botton for a lucky solution.)

"BAD USB-C POWER" message

And this... Oh, dear!


Unpacking the box

remove plastic back panel


remove metal back panel


remove HDD eject slider


remove connector


Be careful not to break the display when removing it.

remove display panel


display panel removed


Prepare for a burst.
Go to a safe place or use a metal bucket when sliding the enclosure or removing the battery.


remove the enclosure


My Li-ion battery wasn't swollen, luckily. Graceful shutdown doesn't work now.


view of the circuit board


The components are all small. There was nothing I could do.


USB-C powering

Cloud Key Gen2 plus requires USB-C power source capable of Quick Charge 2.0 or higher. After buying a QC 3.0-capable adapter, my box has come back to normal operation.

The "time bomb" is still in the box, though.

box in operation


Hope your Cloud Key will last long.